Emerson College 2010: BS in Organizational and Political Communication

The Steinhardt School at New York University 2012: MA in Media, Culture, and Communication



Capstone in Leadership

Mediation, Facilitation, and Dialogue

  • Google Inc. vs. China vs. U.S.A.: An Out of Court Facilitation Solution

Symbols, Language, and Politics

  • The Symbolic Creation of U.S. Enemy #1: Osama bin Laden


Globalization, Women, and the Media

  • Coalition for an Activist Youth Community: An Advocacy Campaign in Support of Integrating Women’s Issues in The U.S. into Educational Curriculum
  • Social Media in the Third World: An Analysis of How New Technology Will  Change Information Gathering in the Future

Management and Communication

  • The Management Challenges at Google Inc.: An Analysis of the Future of Google Inc.

Professional Communication

  • The Feasibility of New Technology in the Classroom: How to Integrate Google Products Effectively in the Classroom
  • The Space Elevator: A Presentation in Support of Funding the Space Elevator

Public Diplomacy

  • The Emerson College Arts Exchange Program: Public Diplomacy Effort Dedicated to Creating Dialogue and Building Relationships between American Students and Students Abroad.  http://emersonartsexchange.blogspot.com/

Rhetoric of Social Movements

  • The Inception of the 1989 Chinese Student Movement for Democracy
  • Analysis of the 1989 Chinese Student Movement for Democracy


Ethics and Justice

  • Governmental Censorship: An Analysis of the Philosophy Behind Federal Regulations on the Freedom of Speech


  • The Coalition for a Bipartisan President in 2008: A Presidential Campaign Plan for Mayor Michael Bloomberg
  • The Leadership of Steve Jobs: An Analysis of Apple Inc.’s Success

Public Opinion Research

  • The Medication Habits of Students: An Analysis of Polling Results from Emerson College Students


Communication Theory for Leading Change

  • Political Humor as Public Diplomacy: An Analysis of  Common Ground in Public Diplomacy

Public Affairs

  • The Coalition for Closing the Border: A Public Policy Proposal to Close the Texas-Mexico Border

Technology and Politics

  • Effective Presidential Campaign Websites and Social Media: An Analysis of Ubiquitous Techonology


Argument and Advocacy

  • Lincoln Douglass Debate on Global Warming: Affirmative Argument for Investing in Green Technology

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